English As A New Language

Moscow School District #281
Victoria Morasch, ENL Instructor
(208) 882-2714

What is English as a New Language (ENL)?

The goal of our program is to help students to use English to accomplish their academic, personal and social goals with the same proficiency as native speakers of English. We work toward this goal by providing instruction and practice at the student's level in the four fundamental areas of language; Speaking/Listening, Reading, Writing, and Grammar.

How does ENL help?

ENL classes are very small, only two or three students at a time. Students can practice their English in a friendly, non-threatening environment. The ESL teacher helps the students with English development on a level that they can understand. The ENL teacher works with the students' regular classroom teachers to help the students to progress in the subject areas being taught in their grade and to help the child adapt to all aspects of the school experience.


Students in our ENL program can participate in many activities where they can learn from other children and also share their unique knowledge and experiences. In the elementary schools, they have an important part in International Week events and other multicultural activities. Students in Moscow High School and Moscow Junior High can participate in International Club activities as well as all other extracurricular activities. On the U of I campus, many cultural festivals and events are held in which our ENL students participate.

Parents of ENL students are strongly encouraged to become involved in their children's classrooms especially to share cultural experiences.

Who are ESL students?

Every year, the ENL program in the Moscow School District serves between 20 and 30 students. We have had children from at least 60 different countries speaking 24 different languages. This creates a rich learning environment in which students from all over the world come together and compare cultures while learning a new language. The students enjoy their time in ENL and work well with other international students.

How does it work?

When school starts in the fall, the ENL teacher meets with students to determine their English level. They will be placed in groups according to their age and English ability. In grades 1 to 6, there are five English levels. After testing, if their level is A,B,C or D, they are eligible for ENL services. At the high school and the Junior High, students who score under the level of English Competency on the Mack II test are eligible for services.


In elementary school, ENL students leave their classroom and meet with the ENL teacher from two to five days per week for ½ to 1 hour at a time. In High School and Junior High, students are in an ENL Class for one period a day.

Exiting the program

At the end of the school year, students are again tested to determine their English level. If the students' level is high enough, they are exited from ENL and the next year, they will follow the regular classroom schedule. Students still requiring assistance with their English will continue with ENL the next school year. After students leave the program, they are monitored for two years to make sure they are coping well in the regular classroom. If not, they can be re-evaluated for services.

If you have any questions about the program, Please call Victoria Morasch at 882-2714 or e-mail [email protected]