Student & Parent Info



Welcome to West Park Elementary School. Parents/guardians are an important part of the educational team, and with your active participation; this will be a rewarding school year.
We hope this handbook familiarizes you with our school, regulations, procedures and services.

We want our school community to be safe, productive, and rewarding for all. In each of the three sections of the handbook (General Information, Student, and Parent), you will find suggestions and information we hope you will find useful.
Please read the handbook with your family members, discuss and highlight areas of interest, and keep it for reference throughout the school year. As important updates are made the most current version of the manual can be found on our website. The links that you find throughout this document are "live links" if you refer to the electronic version on our website. If you have questions at any time, please phone or e-mail me, or arrange a personal meeting.

Again, welcome to West Park. We are looking forward to sharing exciting educational experiences with you.

Brian Smith, Principal
West Park Elementary Staff




In partnership with home and community, West Park School will create and maintain a safe, structured educational environment where students, parents and staff are nurtured and respected. Through the use of balanced, proven practices and strategies, all students will experience academic and social success.


The vision of West Park School is to provide a caring educational community, which enables every child to reach his/her potential.


West Park staff shares responsibility for the welfare and development of each child with parents and/or guardians. By teaming, we can best meet student needs.
Our goal is to offer an education that best suits each student's ability and helps each assume active responsibility for his/her learning. The aim is to prepare students for responsible citizenship.
Our major instructional goal is for every student to become literate. To foster success, we offer the skills, competencies, and knowledge necessary for each student to appreciate his/her heritage, learn to independently solve academic and social problems and to meet present and emerging needs.


Students bring home a "communication folder" each week. In the WEDNESDAY FOLDER, you will find school newsletters and fliers as well as student work. Please read the information and discuss pertinent issues with your child. Please sign the folder and return it by Friday of each week.

West Park utilizes a mass-communication system called School Messenger that can leave a voice mail, text and or email at the phone numbers and email addresses provided. This unique service allows the Principal to send out important reminders, school closure information and to alert you in case of an emergency. Please make sure you provide current communication information to the office. This information is updated in the system daily.

Teachers are available for conferences at regularly scheduled times throughout the year but welcome special conferences as needs arise. To arrange a conference, contact the teacher by phone or e-mail.

Reports on progress shall consist of a parent-teacher conference at the end of the first and third quarters, and a report card at the end of the second and fourth quarters. Additional conferences may be scheduled as needed.

Please call the office to arrange a teacher conference or email the teacher directly using our website. Our staff value communication and will get back to you as soon as possible.

The office is staffed from 7:30 AM - 4:00 p.m. daily. Please call 882-2714

Adverse conditions may cause the school to be closed. Past closures have been caused by heavy snowfall, high winds, extreme cold, and volcanic eruption. When the weather is extreme or extraordinary events are occurring, it would be advisable to tune your radio or TV to one of the following stations before school.
AM Stations FM Stations TV Stations
KRPL 1400 KZFN 106.1 KLEW - TV (Ch.3)
KRLC 1350 KMOK 106.9 KREM - TV (Ch.2)
KWSU 1250 KRFA 91.7 KXLY - TV (Ch.4)
KQQQ 1150 KHTR 104.3 KHQ - TV (Ch.6)
KUOI 89.3
KRLF 88.5

Closure announcements are usually sent out over our School Messenger system and broadcast by radio and TV stations shortly after 6:30 a.m.
Bus riders, in particular, need to plan an alternative destination in town in the event an emergency closes schools and disrupts the usual way they would return home.


For planning advanced family activities, trips, and daycare, please refer to the School District calendar sent home at the beginning of the year. An additional copy can be accessed or printed off the district website at

SCHOOL MEALS Subject to Change
Breakfast: $1.65 per day
Hot Lunch: $2.50 per day 
Milk: $0.35 per day

Free and reduced-price breakfast and lunch are available to students whose families qualify. Applications are available anytime from the school office. Even if not used, signing up for free and reduced meals helps bring additional money into the school. Please take time fill out the forms.

GUESTS FOR BREAKFAST OR LUNCH Parents are invited to eat with their children. If parents wish to eat breakfast, drop-ins are welcome and cost $2.60 for adults. Lunch visits are also welcomed and cost $3.85 however; the office must be notified by 9:00 a.m. for planning purposes.

Students are expected to attend school daily. Important information is provided to your child at the beginning of class and at the end of the day. For this reason, late arrivals and early pick-ups are disruptive to the classroom and are discouraged. Please respect school opening and closing times.
Students who arrive at school late need to sign-in at the office. If a student has to leave before the end of the school day, a parent must report to the office and sign the student out.

Playground supervision begins at 8:00. Children should not arrive before 8:00.
The breakfast program starts at 7:45. All students arriving on school property before 8:00 will be expected to eat breakfast where they can visit, enjoy friends and have supervision. Parents will be billed/charged for the meal. After breakfast they will go outside to the supervised playground.
No one is allowed to be in the building until the 8:20 bell rings when all students come into the building and go to their classrooms.

There is no after school supervision. Students should ride the bus, be picked up promptly at 3:00 Monday - Thursday, 2:15 on Friday, or be instructed by parents to walk home with a friend(s) immediately after the dismissal bell.
If your child's after school instructions are different from what is on file in the office …please send a note or contact the office by 2:30.
If no note is sent, or no phone call received by the office, or you are not here by 3:00 to pick up your child, he/she WILL BE sent home on the bus.

PARENT ACTION TEAM A school is only as strong as its parent support and involvement. The West Park/Russell Parent Action Team is one aspect of this involvement. Our PAT meets regularly to provide input/feedback on school programs and issues. The PAT also spearheads fund-raising for new and ongoing school projects and assists with many school activities. Some PAT-supported activities include the Barn Dance, First Grade Reading Night, and Dinner and a Book. There are many opportunities for involvement, and all parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in the PAT.
For up-to-date information, please visit the PAT website and sign up to be on our email listserv.

Birthday treat scheduling will be left to the discretion of the teacher; usually the last 10 minutes of the instructional day. Please consider healthy snacks rather than the traditional sweets. You can contact the office or your teacher for suggestions.

We discourage the distribution of birthday party invitations at school. Student addresses and phone numbers are available in the school directory.

There will be times during the school year when photographers will wish to take pictures/videos as the children go about their everyday school activities. The photographers could include representatives of newspapers or television or U of I students working on school projects or our own staff. Pictures/videos could be used for parent-teacher sponsored events, bulletin board displays, school district brochures or websites.