School-Wide Title I Information

School-Wide Title I Information

West Park Elementary provides School-wide Title I-A services. Title I is a federally funded program designed to help ensure that all students have the opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach proficiency on challenging state academic standards and assessments, regardless of socioeconomic status. Funding allocations are based on poverty levels. Title I funding enables the district to provide additional instructional staff, supplies and materials, technology, and professional development to help raise student achievement in targeted schools.

As a Schoolwide Title I school, all students at West Park Elementary in need of extra reading, writing, and math support are offered this opportunity through the Title I teacher and staff.

As a School-Wide Title I school, we strive to communicate as openly and frequently as possible. The items listed below are many of the efforts we make to keep families connected with all happenings at West Park Elementary. 


Family Engagement Plan
This plan is developed collaboratively with our WPE families to ensure we are able to provide all that is needed to keep families informed of their student's learning as well as have access to all needed resources to promote academic success. 

WPE Family Engagement Plan 2023-24.pdf

School-Parent Compact
This compact is developed collaboratively with our WPE families to lay out the three essential roles of success at West Park Elementary.  These roles are school, parent/guardian, and student.  The signature page below is signed and submitted each school year by all WPE families. 

WPE Title I School_Parent Compact 2022-2023.pdf
School_Parent Compact Signature Page.pdf

School-Wide Improvement Plan & Title I Plan Review
The School-Wide Improvement Plan (SWIP) was developed collaboratively with WPE families to target and develop goals concerning areas needing support within the school's curriculum and instructional plans.  The Title I Plan Review is conducted annually to measure success toward the identified goals, student performance, and parent survey data.  

WPE School_Wide Improvement Plan 2023-2024.pdf
WPE Title I Review and Evaluation 2021_2022.pdf